RecoveryFest Nashville is our opportunity to show that treatment and recovery work. Our country is going through some big changes with the roll out of Health Care Reform and our voices need to be heard. We are over 23 million strong and together we can affect what decisions are made that will benefit the sufferer of mental and substance use disorders. Here are some advocacy opportunities:

Reserve a Booth
If you have a favorite cause and want to get your message out, reserve a booth at RecoveryFest Nashville. Contact Cayce Leon at

Volunteering / Sponsoring
If you are an Advocacy group and are interested in attracting membership and volunteers, you can sponsor RecoveryFest Nashville or reserve a booth. For sponsorship, visit the Sponsorship page. Reserve your booth now! Contact Cayce Leon at

TAADAS Advocacy Goals 2019-2020:

TAADAS Advocacy Goals Flyer

Site Links for Healthcare Concerns:

GOP Senate Health Care Bill: What you need to know
CHART: CBO Weighs Who Wins, Who Loses with Senate Health Care Bill
Premiums under the Senate Better Reconciliation Act
New Health Care Bill’s Impact on Tennessee
Senate won't vote on GOP health care bill
Everything You Need To Know About Block Grants

The Graham-Cassidy Bill:
Highlights of the Graham-Cassidy proposal

More on Graham-Cassidy


Contact the Parity Implementation Coalition and learn how you can take action at

Learn how you can inform Washington of discriminatory practices at

Inform our leaders in Tennessee of discriminatory practices. State insurance commissioners oversee insured plans. For assistance from the Tennessee Department of Insurance on how to file a complaint of grievance go to

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