Our Lineup for RecoveryFest Nashville 2018

(more may be added)


Master of Ceremonies:

Tommy Williams


Performers / Speakers:

11:00 Welcome to RecoveryFest Nashville
11:05 Bella Lee and Lola with Lee McCormick
11:35 Speaker NA: Mike S.
11:45 Michael Peterson
12:10 Speaker: Kristen Zak - Senior Advisor for Health and Wellness Policy
12:20 Speaker: Mary Linden - TAADAS
12:35 Cherish Lee
1:00 Introduce the RFN Board
1:10 Dianne Davidson, Frank Sheen, Chuck Glass
The Recovery Band: Michael Kelsh, Jack Dills, Andy Peake, Toni Sehulster
2:15 Speaker AA: Rob B.
2:30 John McAndrew Band

Speaker RENEWED: Gretchen H.

3:05 Kim Parent and Friends
3:30 Mark Savage
3:55 Speaker OA: Janis M.
4:05 Clean Boyz Recoverin'
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